Newark Violin School Represented at International Violin Making Festival

By Newark College
World class craftmanship at Newark

The Włodzimierz Kamiński Art of Violin Making Festival, held in Poznań, Poland, and organised by the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music, is an international event and consists of four main areas: International Violin Making Competition, Violin Making Workshop/Masterclass, International Violin Making Conference and Exhibition of Polish Violin Making Artists.

Schools from across Europe, including Italy, France, Germany and Spain, were present and held talks representing their schools. Newark College's School of Musical Instrument Crafts was represented by Violin teachers, Ludivine Brouillet and Floriane Forconi.

Floriane Forconi, said: "The festival was fantastic and really welcoming, and the quality of work produced by the students was amazing.

"Every school present had a chance to be on stage and give a talk about their school, their programme and what they offer.

"After, all the course coordinators sat together with the idea to see if there is a will to develop international connection/association between the schools to support or ease student visits from one school to another, to be able to observe quality of work, and techniques, that make the schools what they are.

"If successful, it would be beneficial to our School as it will allow our students to be able to do research and use each other facilities and resources.

"The group also expressed the idea to create a book together that will describe each technique attached to each school. As we all source our posters from the same people (Strad magazine posters, Francois Denis drawing techniques...), and the access of information and techniques are easier via internet, there is a uniformisation in the making, and this book would allow us to not lose the core of Newark Violin Making School and what makes us unique.

"Special thank you to Honorata Stalmierska, violin maker and teacher of Violin Making at the Music Academy in Poznan, for inviting us to be part of this special event."

Learn more about the Włodzimierz Kamiński Art of Violin Making Festival or find out more about our BA (Hons) Musical Instrument Craft (Violin Making and Repair) degree course.

Włodzimierz Kamiński Art of Violin Making Festival festival, held in Poznań, Poland - October 2023
Włodzimierz Kamiński Art of Violin Making Festival festival, held in Poznań, Poland - October 2023
World class craftmanship at Newark

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